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Dr. Miley

Dr Miley is knowledgeable, experienced, educated, and makes listening to her  patients her first priority.


She has been a general practice physician for over 30 years. Her focus is working with geriatrics, preventative medicine and primary care.


Dr. Miley has 4 sons and 9 grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys singing in the church choir, swimming, and continuously  educating herself on the most cutting age ways to help her patients.  ​

"I believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all people especially the ill and weak.  The older adults have given so much to their families, the work place, and to their country. They have understanding and wisdom that deserves our tender care in their times of sickness, weakness, and fragility.  Keeping families informed and supported is also a part of my practice."


Doctor Miley has worked in geriatrics and in occupational and preventative medicine for over three decades.
She taught in the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program for the University of Arizona.
She was a volunteer at Fatima Women’s center supporting young women during pregnancy.
She served on the Pima County Bioethics Committee for 10 years.
She has been a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons and the Catholic Medical Association for more than 10years.


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