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So you can spend more time with the ones you love.


"Dr Miley came to the rescue 8 years ago for my mom after a debilitating health issue. Thru home visits and many hospital stays , she worked to keep our mom healthy and alive when others were ready to let her pass on. Conservative in her pharmaceutical approach , she preferred a natural path of healing vitamins and supplements. We are blessed and thankfu for Dr.  Miley!"


"My mother is 93 years old.  All of a sudden she stopped eating and wouldn’t get out of bed.  Dr. Miley checked her out and looked at her meds and recommended discontinuing one of them and she found an infection in my mom’s mouth.  After this situation was corrected, my mom bounced back and began eating well again and getting out of bed.  I prefer Dr. Miley because she is not about tunnel vision. She looks at the patient in detail and she is an integrative physician. She does nutrition and if the patient needs more help, she'll write a prescription. "


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for the home visit?
Call, text, or email Dr. Miley with your prefered times. 

How can I reach Dr. Miley after hours?
Call or text Dr. Miley and she will respond. If you have an emergency please call 911. 

What are the advantages of a home visit? 
Personal care in the comfort of your own home with no waiting  and no need for transportation.

What information will I need on the first visit? 
You will fill out a registration form and provide insurance cards, which will be copied.

Contact Dr. Miley to make an appointment


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